from Monday, 11 September 2023 (12:00) to Wednesday, 13 September 2023 (14:45)
CSEC, James Clerk Maxwell Building, Edinburgh (UK) (CSEC Board Room)

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11 Sep 2023
12 Sep 2023
13 Sep 2023
08:30 --- Morning Coffee ---
Cluster and Galaxies - Romeel Dave (University of Edinburgh) (until 10:25) (CSEC Board Room)
09:00 Chemical abundance as a tracer of galaxy assembly and the star formation history of the Universe - Dr Alex Cameron (University of Oxford)   (CSEC Board Room)
09:45 Simba-C: An updated chemical enrichment model for galactic and intragroup/cluster chemical evolution - Mr Renier Hough (North-West University)   (CSEC Board Room)
10:05 Searching for a possible nuclear solution to the O-Na anti-correlation problem at LUNA - Lucia Barbieri (University of Edinburgh)   (CSEC Board Room)
10:25 --- Coffee Break ---
Galaxies -Prof. Chiaki Kobayashi (University of Hertfordshire) (until 12:35) (CSEC Board Room)
10:55 Stellar Abundances of the Center of Early Type Galaxies with Fine Structure - Nicholas Barth (University of Florida)   (CSEC Board Room)
11:15 Exploring High-Redshift Epochs with BEAGLE-AGN and JWST - Ms Maddie Silcock (University of Hertfordshire)   (CSEC Board Room)
11:35 Evidence and implications of enhanced O/Fe abundance ratios in high-redshift star-forming galaxies - Mr Thomas Stanton (University of Edinburgh)   (CSEC Board Room)
11:55 Metallicities from nearby galaxies to the First galaxies - Ms Dyna Ibrahim (University of Hertfordshire )   (CSEC Board Room)
12:15 Understanding the Chemical Abundance Patterns of nearby Star-Forming Galaxies with CLASSY - Karla Ziboney Arellano-Cordova (University of Edinburgh)   (CSEC Board Room)
08:30 --- Morning Coffee ---
Stars and Yields - Claudia Lederer-Woods (University of Edinburgh) (until 10:45) (CSEC Board Room)
09:00 Indirect Neutron-Capture Constraints for the Astrophysical i-Process - Andrea Richard (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   (CSEC Board Room)
09:45 The impact of binary stars on the dust and metal evolution of galaxies - Dr Rob Yates (University of Hertfordshire)   (CSEC Board Room)
10:05 Close Hierarchical Triples and Tertiary Tides - Yan Gao   (CSEC Board Room)
10:25 Stellar Wind Yields of Very Massive Stars - Erin Higgins (Armagh Observatory & Planetarium)   (CSEC Board Room)
10:45 --- Coffee Break ---
Explosions - Ragandeep Singh Sidhu (The University of Edinburgh) (until 12:45) (CSEC Board Room)
11:25 Stellar Evolution in the PI Gap - Ethan Winch (Armagh Observatory and Planetarium)   (CSEC Board Room)
11:45 More realistic 1D classical-nova models - Dr Robert Izzard (Humankind)   (CSEC Board Room)
12:05 Investigating Potential Observational Signatures of Type Ia Supernovae through Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer Simulations - Fionntan Callan (Queen's University Belfast)   (CSEC Board Room)
12:25 Vote of Thanks and Explosive Closing Remarks - Prof. Chiaki Kobayashi (University of Hertfordshire)   (CSEC Board Room)
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Heavy Metals - Phil Woods (until 15:30) (CSEC Board Room)
14:00 Welcome - Claudia Lederer-Woods (University of Edinburgh)   (CSEC Board Room)
14:05 Exploring the Origin of Light Heavy Elements: bridging experiments, theory, and observations - Thanassis Psaltis (TUNL/NCSU)   (CSEC Board Room)
14:50 The Photometric Revolution – Stellar Parameters and Elemental Abundances for over 50 Million Stars … and Counting - Prof. Timothy Beers (University of Notre Dame)   (CSEC Board Room)
15:10 The R-Process Alliance - mapping the r-process with stellar abundances - Terese Hansen (Stockholm University)   (CSEC Board Room)
15:30 --- Coffe Break ---
Stellar abundances and nucleosynthetic sources - Alison Laird (until 17:50) (CSEC Board Room)
15:50 Surface abundances of hot subdwarfs - Laura Scott (Armagh Observatory and Planetarium)   (CSEC Board Room)
16:35 Measurement of the bound-state beta decay of bare Thallium-205 ions and its nuclear astrophysical implications - Ragandeep Singh Sidhu (The University of Edinburgh)   (CSEC Board Room)
16:55 An Abundance Study of Faint Metal-Poor Stars in the R-Process Alliance observed by the GTC - Dr Avrajit Bandyopadhyay (University of Florida)   (CSEC Board Room)
17:15 Asteroseismology reveals a unique anchor point for calibrating interior rotation, mixing and angular momentum transport in massive stars - Dominic Bowman (Institute of Astronomy, KU Leuven, Belgium)   (CSEC Board Room)
19:00 --- Conference Dinner ---
12:35 --- Lunch ---
Neutrons -Prof. Marialuisa Aliotta (until 15:25) (CSEC Board Room)
14:00 iMaNGA: a virtual IFU survey based on Illustris hydro-dynamical simulations - Prof. Daniel Thomas (University of Portsmouth)   (CSEC Board Room)
14:45 Impact of newly measured 26Al(n, p)26Mg and 26Al(n, α)23Na reaction rates on the nucleosynthesis of 26Al in stars - Umberto Battino (University of Hull)   (CSEC Board Room)
15:05 The differential cross section of the 13C(a,n) reaction - Richard deBoer (University of Notre Dame)   (CSEC Board Room)
15:25 --- Coffee Break ---
not neutrons! And non-exploding stars -Dr Stuart Sim (Queen's University Belfast) (until 17:50) (CSEC Board Room)
15:50 Summing technique for $\gamma$-process nucleosynthesis - Prof. Anna Simon (University of Notre Dame)   (CSEC Board Room)
16:10 Nuclear reaction measurements at the CRYRING using CARME - Jordan Marsh (University of Edinburgh)   (CSEC Board Room)
16:30 Underground Measurements of the 16O(p,γ)17F Reaction at LUNA - Duncan Robb (University of Edinburgh)   (CSEC Board Room)
16:50 Retracing transient genealogies with BPASS - Dr Heloise Stevance (University of Oxford)   (CSEC Board Room)
17:10 3D Simulations of a Rotating, Magnetic Supernova Progenitor - Vishnu Varma (Keele University)   (CSEC Board Room)
17:30 The survey of Planetary Nebulae in the Andromeda Galaxy: Constraints on the recent formation history of M31 from PN chemodynamics and GCE models - SOURADEEP BHATTACHARYA (Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics)   (CSEC Board Room)
12:45 --- Pizza Lunch ---
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