10-11 January 2023
Europe/London timezone

Progress in the new era of cosmology and galaxy evolution

The next generation of instruments and surveys is beginning to provide us with new data, producing our best ever measurements of galaxies at very high redshifts. This new data is questioning our current models of galaxy formation and evolution (e.g. with JWST), and our models of cosmology and gravity (e.g. DESI and Euclid). At the same time, many advances are being made in hydrodynamical simulations (e.g. MillenniumTNG) and theoretical models, which are necessary to take full advantage of this new data. Conjointly, our theories and observations are improving our understanding of the early Universe and its evolution to the present day, from the galaxies in the local group to the large-scale structure of the Universe.

This meeting aims to bring together observers and theorists to discuss progress in modelling, simulations and observations at the frontier. Along the way, we hope to create a space where we can freely exchange new ideas and foster collaborations among our respective research groups.

Dates: 10th - 11th January 2023

Important dates: 
Registration opens -  Friday, 4th November 2022
Deadline for abstract submission - Friday, 25th November 2022
A schedule will be announced by Friday, 2nd December 2022

We expect all attendees to adhere to the conference code of conduct which can be found here.

Venue: Lecture theatre, Royal Observatory of Edinburgh 

Social events: Workshop dinner at 7pm on Tuesday January 10 at Tantra restaurant, Castle St

Registration fee: There is no cost for attending the conference, but there is a £50 fee to attend the workshop dinner which can be paid here 


Ryan Begley (Edinburgh)      
Yan-Chuan Cai (Edinburgh)
Vicky Fawcett (Newcastle)
Laura Keating (Edinburgh)
Annagrazia Puglisi (Durham)
Juan V. Hernandez Santisteban (St Andrews)
Alex Smith (Edinburgh)
Julie Wardlow (Lancaster)

Royal Observatory, Edinburgh
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