7-8 January 2019
Higgs Centre for Innovation, Royal Observatory of Edinburgh
UTC timezone

Recent Innovations in Theory and Observations

A new generation of instruments and powerful observatories (JWST, E-ELT, TMT, LSST, DESI, 4MOST, Euclid, eROSITA and ATHENA) is pushing the boundaries of what was previously impossible in extragalactic astronomy. In parallel, theoretical models (both analytical and simulations) are challenged to keep up with this pace and provide a foundation for interpreting these observations. The large amounts of data and computational resources currently available offer a unique opportunity to develop new innovative methods and approaches that will allow us to understand how we can use these new observations to constrain models and to define specific tests for models that will be of interest for observations.

Following the tradition of previous DEX workshops, DEX XV intends to bring together observers and theorists to discuss advances in modelling, simulation and observational techniques in extragalactic astronomy. This year we would like to invite colleagues from four institutes - Durham, Edinburgh, St Andrews and Lancaster - with the aim of fostering collaborations among our respective research groups.

Dates: 7th - 8th, January, 2019

Deadline: 26th November - Registration and abstract submission (closed)

Programme now available! Check it out here or dowload the pdf.

We expect all attendees to adhere to the University of Edinburgh code of conduct which can be found here.

Venue: Higgs Centre for Innovation at the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh.

Organizers: The following people have been involved in the organisation of DEX XV:

        Chair: Jose Onorbe (Edinburgh)
        Yan-Chuan Cai (Edinburgh)
        Katarina Kraljic (Edinburgh)
        Teresita Suarez Noguez (Edinburgh)
        Bitten Gullberg (Durham)
        Peder Norberg (Durham)
        David Sobral (Lancaster)
        Anne-Marie Weijmans (St Andrews)


Higgs Centre for Innovation, Royal Observatory of Edinburgh
Royal Observatory Blackford Hill EH9 3HJ Edinburgh United Kingdom
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