AZURE2 R-Matrix Summer School 2024

The Hawthorne Lecture Theatre (The Nucleus Building)

The Hawthorne Lecture Theatre

The Nucleus Building

Kings Building Campus Peter Guthrie Tait Road Edinburgh EH9 3FD
Marialuisa Aliotta (University of Edinburgh), Ragandeep Singh Sidhu (The University of Edinburgh)

Registrations are now provisionally closed following an overwhelming response.

Registered participants will be contacted soon to confirm their intention to attend the school. Should places become available, registrations will be re-opened in due course.



The AZURE2 R-matrix code has become widely used in the nuclear astrophysics community, as an accurate and robust framework for calculating reaction rates from experimental cross section data.

We have found that the best way for participants to learn the R-matrix technique and the AZURE2 code is by having them work through various example analyses. We will draw on classic example calculations from the literature as well as take requests from participants. In addition, we will introduce the new Bayesian R-matrix Inference Code Kit (BRICK), a state-of-the-art software package used for uncertainty estimation. The school aims to foster knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration among emerging researchers, contributing to the advancement of nuclear astrophysics.

The R-Matrix school will start with introductory lectures, focusing on R-matrix theory and methodology on the first day (Sunday), and continue with five days devoted to practical sessions. Sunday afternoon will be devoted to installing all required packages on participants personal computers.

During the hands-on sessions participants will engage in the use of the AZURE2 code, by tackling increasingly complex analyses. They will work through set example calculations, thus gradually learning to apply the R-matrix formalism and fitting techniques to a broad spectrum of reaction cases of interest in nuclear astrophysics. Both lectures and interactive activities will consolidate theoretical understanding and provide useful hands-on experience.



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Registration AZURE2 R-Matrix Summer School 2024
  • Alessandro Compagnucci
  • Annie Rooney
  • Axel Boeltzig
  • Bikash Chauhan
  • Carl Brune
  • Chinmay Basu
  • Daniel Fernandez Ruiz
  • Daniela Mercogliano
  • David Palacios
  • David Rapagnani
  • Duncan Robb
  • Fausto Casaburo
  • Filippo Falezza
  • Fotios Maragkos
  • Gabriel Cessel
  • Gianluca Imbriani
  • Greta Hibbard
  • Jakub Skowronski
  • James deBoer
  • Jordan Marsh
  • Jose Manuel López González
  • Kevin C. W. Li
  • kristian Haverson
  • Laurie Dienis
  • Lucia Barbieri
  • Marialuisa Aliotta
  • May Alruwaili
  • Michael Jeswald
  • Norbert Szegedi
  • Pareshkumar Prajapati
  • Ragandeep Singh Sidhu
  • Rahul Jain
  • Ranjan Sariyal
  • Riccardo Maria Gesue
  • Saif Ullah
  • Samrudhi R Kanjarpane
  • Shahina Shahina
  • Sukhendu Saha
  • Tanmoy Bar
  • Thomas Davinson
  • Travis Hankins
  • Ákos Tóth
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