Confirmed Speakers

List of Speakers and Talks:  

A.H. Ajjath di-Higgs at N3LO+N3LL
Alexander Penin Higgs boson production at the next-to-next-to-leading power
Alexandre Salas-Bernárdez Flow-oriented Perturbation Theory
Amlan Chakraborty Three-loop scattering amplitudes and four-loop form factors in QCD
André Hoang Calibration of the MC top quark mass parameter with variable parton shower cut-off
Andrea Pelloni Four-loop large-nf contributions to the non-singlet structure functions
Andreas Maier High-energy resummation for Higgs boson plus jets production
Andreas van Hameren Hybrid kT-factorization at NLO
Andrzej Czarnecki Radiative corrections to mechanical properties of bound states
Anurag Tripathi Cwebs of multiparton scattering amplitudes and their colour structure
Aparna Sankar Next-to-soft resummation for color singlet processes at the LHC
Arnd Behring A first look at the two-mass QCD contributions to the four-loop rho parameter
Arunima Bhattacharya Radiative corrections and threshold resummed predictions to pseudoscalar Higgs boson production
Bakul Agarwal Next-to-Leading-Order QCD corrections to ZZ production through gluon fusion
Ben Page Evanescent Integrals from Local Subtraction
Bennie Ward New Results from IR-Improved Amplitude-Based Resummation in Quantum Field Theory
Bernhard Mistlberger Approximations for LHC Cross Sections using Collinear Expansions
Boris Kopeliovich Abundant radiation of soft photons: a puzzle lasting 40 years
Calum Milloy Regge poles and Regge cuts in multi-leg QCD amplitudes
Chen-Yu Wang Heaviside functions and the zero-jettiness soft function at N3LO QCD
Chiara Savoini ttH production in NNLO QCD
Chiara Signorile-Signorile Advances in the nested soft-collinear subtraction scheme
Christian Brønnum-Hansen Non-factorisable contributions to t-channel single top and VBF Higgs production
Daniel Stremmer ttjj - NLO QCD corrections to top quark pair production and decays at the LHC
David Broadhurst 3-loop tadpoles with substructure from 12 elliptic curves
David Kosower Universal Decomposition of Phase-Space Integrands
Dhimiter Canko Two-Loop Amplitude Reduction using HELAC
Dmitry Chicherin Pentagon Functions for One-Mass Scattering
Ekta Chaubey Two-loop QCD and QED corrections to light-by-light scattering
Federico Buccioni Signal-background interference effects in Higgs-mediated diphoton production beyond NLO
Federica Devoto Mixed QCD-electroweak corrections to dilepton production at the LHC in the high invariant mass region
Federico Gasparotto Lattice Correlation functions from differential equations
Fernando Febres Cordero Numerical Unitarity for Binary Dynamics
Francesco Giovanni Celiberto NLL/NLO studies on Higgs-plus-jet production with POWHEG+JETHAD
Frank Petriello New probes of the Standard Model Effective Field Theory
Gherardo Vita Precision Standard Model Phenomenology at N3LO and Beyond
Giovanni Pelliccioli Electroweak and QCD corrections to off-shell single-top production in association with a Z boson at the LHC
Giulio Gambuti Five point amplitudes in full colour QCD
Giuseppe Bevilacqua Modelling uncertainties and prompt b-jet identification in ttbb with dilepton signatures at the LHC
Gloria Bertolotti Subtracting NNLO singularities with a fully general analytic algorithm in massless QCD
Gudrun Heinrich Two Higgs bosons, two loops, x+2 operators
Henrik Jessen Munch Tropical Feynman Integration in the Physical Region
Herschel Chawdhry  Quantum algorithms for the simulation of perturbative QCD processes
Hjalte Frellesvig Releative Cohomology and Feynman Integrals
HuaXing Zhu Power corrections to energy flow distribution meets conformal bootstrap
Jeppe Andersen Next-to-leading high energy logarithmic corrections and their impact on ratios of jet multiplicities
Johannes Bluemlein Recent 3-Loop Heavy Flavor Corrections to Deep-Inelastic Scattering
Johannes Henn Four-dimensional integration methods for Feynman integrals
Jonathan R. Gaunt Two-loop splitting in double parton distributions
Julia Karlen local infrared factorization with gluons in the initial state
Kai Yan Multi-point energy correlations in N=4 Super Yang-Mills Theory
Kay Schönwald Singlet and anomaly contributions to massive QCD form factors
Keith Ellis Resummation Studies for LHC
Kirill Melnikov Power corrections to collider processes
Leonardo Di Giustino Elimination of QCD Renormalization Scale and Scheme Ambiguities
Leonardo Vernazza Factorization and resummation at next-to-leading power
Lorenzo Magnea The architecture of infrared subtraction beyond NLO
Luca Buonocore Associated production of a W boson and massive bottom quarks in NNLO QCD
Ludovic Scyboz Matching and parton-shower accuracy
Manuel Egner Semileptonic and nonleptonic b-decays at NNLO
Marco Rocco Muon-electron scattering at NNLO with McMule
Martin Beneke Gradient flow renormalon subtraction and the hadronic tau decay series
Mathieu Giroux Looping the loops: a tale of elliptic dual Feynman integrals
Matteo Becchetti Two-loop Feynman integrals for top-quark pair plus jet production
Matteo Marcoli N3LO Antenna Functions for Final-State Radiation
Matthias Steinhauser Analytic approximations of $2\to 2$ processes with massive internal particles
Melih Arslan Ozcelik Two-loop master integrals and form-factors for pseudo-scalar quarkonia
Melissa van Beekveld Threshold resummation for the production of four top quarks
Michael Borinsky Feynman amplitudes and the moduli space of graphs
Michael Fucilla High-energy resummation in Higgs production at next-to-leading order
Michael Ruf Classical scattering at high orders in perturbation theory
Michał Czakon Jet and Photon Physics at high perturbative orders in QCD
Narayan Rana Mixed QCD-EW two-loop amplitudes for charged current Drell-Yan production
Nikolaos Syrrakos 3-loop master integrals for H+jet production at N3LO: Towards the non-planar topologies
Oliver Schnetz Loop calculations with graphical functions
Oscar Braun-White A general algorithm to build real-radiation antenna functions for higher-order calculations
Paolo Torrielli A new observable for W-mass determination
Pavel Novichkov Minimally divergent integral bases and special relations
Peter Marquard Three-loop massive form factors
Peter Skands NNLO Corrections in Sector Showers
Philipp Böer $B_c \to \eta_c$ Form Factors in the Double-Logarithmic Approximation
Pia Bredt A generic NLO SM framework for LHC and future collider processes
Ratan Sarkar Exporing the method of expansion by regions
Rene Poncelet NNLO QCD corrections to event-shapes at the LHC
Rhorry Gauld The flavour of jets
Robert Szafron Towards N3LL jet veto
Sebastian Jaskiewicz High-Energy and Soft-Collinear Resummation for Jet Production at the LHC
Sebastian Mizera Landau Singularities Revisited
Silvia Ferrario Ravasio Pushing the accuracy of parton showers for hadron colliders
Silvia Zanoli Combining NNLO QCD and NLO EW corrections matched to parton showers for WZ production using MiNNLOPS
Simone Zoia Two-loop five-particle scattering amplitudes
Sinead Farrington Highlights from Experiment and where next for precision
Stefan Weinzierl Feynman integrals, geometries and differential equations
Stefano Forte Can we trust machine learning? PDFs as a case study
Sven-Olaf Moch QCD splitting functions at four loops
Thomas Gehrmann Precision QCD calculations for vector boson observables
Tongzhi Yang Renormalization of twist-two operators in covariant gauge to three loops in QCD
Vitalii Maheria Evaluating scattering amplitudes with pySecDec
Xiao Liu New tools towards fast evaluation of Feynman integrals
Xing Wang \epsilon-form for one-parameter elliptic Feynman integrals: non-planar triangle cross ladder at two loops
Yannick Ulrich QED at NNLO and beyond for precision experiments
Yao Ma A graph-theoretical approach to the method of regions
Yu Jiao Zhu Elliptic Moduli of Bhabha Scattering
Ze Long Liu Infrared singularities of QCD amplitudes with a massive parton
Zeno Capatti Exposing the threshold structure of loop integrals
Zhewei Yin Coupling versus kinematics in a general spontaneously broken gauge theory


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