10-13 April 2019
James Clerk Maxwell Building
UTC timezone

Non-equilibrium processes play important roles at many length scales, from controlling chromatin interactions within a cell nucleus to governing the collective dynamics of fish schools. "Interdisciplinary Challenges in Non-Equilibrium Physics" will bring together early career researchers working across these scales. By identifying common theoretical insights, computational approaches and experimental methodologies between disciplines, the meeting aims to promote collaborations and knowledge exchange among early career researchers. The sessions will each focus on one of six inter-related topics: biophysics, polymers, ecology and population dynamics, active matter, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and glasses and disordered systems.

The meeting will take place at the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics in the King's Buildings campus of the University of Edinburgh, running over four days from Wednesday the 10th (afternoon) to Saturday the 13 (morning) of April, 2019.

This meeting is supported by the Higgs Centre, the EPSRC Network on Emergence and Physics Far From Equilibrium (EMNEQ) and the EPSRC-BBSRC Network Physics of Life. Members of EPSRC NetworkPlus on Emergence and Physics far from Equilibrium can request support from the Network for reasonable costs for domestic travel, accommodation and subsistence in connection with this meeting. The EPSRC Network cannot cover costs for PhD students.


1.Polymers and Biomolecules:
Lucia Coronel
Aleksandre Japaridze
Ananyo Maitra
Tom Ouldridge
Jan Smrek
Luca Tubiana
Kirsty Wan

2. Population Dynamics and Ecology
Matthieu Barbier
Andrea Giometto
Raphael Jeanneret
Nuno Oliveira
Hye Jin Park
Silvia Zaoli

3. Active Matter
Ariana Bottinelli
Amin Doostmohammadi
Silke Henkes
Diana  Khoromskaia
Demian Levis
Fanlong Meng
Dan Pearce
Joakim Stenhammar

4. Glasses
Nicoletta  Gnan
Romain Mari
Misaki  Ozawa
Beatriz Seoane
Francesco Turci

5.Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics
Elisabeth Agoritsas
Stefano Bo
Barbara Bravi
Caterina De Bacco
Alexandre Lazarescu
Jan Meibohm
Grant Rotskoff


Accommodation Suggestions

Please follow this link to view available B&Bs and guesthouses close to the Kings Building Campus and the James Clerk Maxwell Building. Please inquire about academic rates. Further information on the venue can be found here .


The timetable of this meeting can be found here or in the Conference book

James Clerk Maxwell Building
Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, Seminar Room
School of Physics and Astronomy Peter Guthrie Tait Road; Edinburgh EH9 3FD
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