Daniel Stremmer - ttjj - NLO QCD corrections to top quark pair production and decays at the LHC

30 May 2023, 16:00
Drawing Room

Drawing Room


Daniel Stremmer (RWTH Aachen University)


In this talk we present the calculation of NLO QCD corrections to $pp \to t\bar{t}jj$ in the dilepton decay channel. The narrow width approximation is used to model the decays of the top quark pair preserving spin correlations. Jet radiation and QCD corrections are consistently included in the production and decay of the top quarks. We discuss the size of NLO QCD corrections and the main theoretical uncertainties of fiducial cross sections at the integrated and differential level. In addition, we examine the contributions of jet radiation in the production and decay of the top quark pair, as well as the mixed contribution, in which jet radiation is simultaneously present in the production and decay stage.

Presentation Materials

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