DEX-XV: 15th Durham-Edinburgh eXtragalactic Workshop

from Monday, 7 January 2019 (10:30) to Tuesday, 8 January 2019 (18:00)
Higgs Centre for Innovation, Royal Observatory of Edinburgh

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7 Jan 2019
8 Jan 2019
10:30 --- Registration + Tea and Coffee ---
11:00 Welcome - Prof. Philip Best Dr Jose Onorbe   (Conference room)
Galaxy Formation and Evolution I (until 12:30) (Conference room)
11:15 A Window to the First Stars - Louise Welsh   (Conference room)
11:30 The Angular Momentum Distribution in High Redshift Galaxies - Steven Gillman   (Conference room)
11:45 Resolved spectroscopy of cluster galaxies at z=1.4 - Nicholas Amos   (Conference room)
12:00 The search for low-z strong lensing early-type galaxies with MUSE - William Collier   (Conference room)
New Methods (until 10:30) (Conference room)
09:00 The Simba Simulations - Romeel DAVE   (Conference room)
09:15 A New Residual Distribution Hydrodynamics Solver for Galaxy Evolution Simulations - Ben MORTON   (Conference room)
09:30 Painting baryons on dark matter with deep generative models - Tilman TROESTER   (Conference room)
09:45 Optimising a spectroscopic training sample for photometric classification of supernovae with machine learning - Jonathan CARRICK   (Conference room)
10:00 Modelling nonlinear clustering in cosmologies beyond vanilla LCDM - Matteo CATANEO   (Conference room)
10:15 Redshift Space Distortion with different galaxy colour and group mass - Qianjun HANG   (Conference room)
10:30 --- Tea and coffee ---
Cosmology I (until 12:00) (Conference room)
11:00 ShCDM: Cosmic acceleration from holographic information capacity - Luke BUTCHER   (Conference room)
11:15 Weak Lensing By Voids In Weak Lensing Maps - Chris DAVIES   (Conference room)
11:30 Probing the physical state of the high redshift intergalactic medium using cosmological simulations - Teresita SUAREZ NOGUEZ   (Conference room)
11:45 Cosmology with extragalactic proper motions - Alex HALL   (Conference room)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Galaxy Formation and Evolution II (until 14:30) (Conference room)
13:30 High resolution ALMA imaging of SMGs - Bitten GULLBERG   (Conference room)
13:45 AS2UDS survey: Multi-wavelength properties of sub-millimeter galaxies - Ugne DUDZEVICIUTE   (Conference room)
14:00 Predictions for the spatial extent of the dust continuum emission in 2<z<5 star forming galaxies - Rachel COCHRANE   (Conference room)
14:15 Studying the circum-galactic medium at z~1 using WFC3 grism spectroscopy - Richard BIELBY   (Conference room)
Galaxy Formation and Evolution III (until 15:00) (Conference room)
14:30 VIPERS: The quenching of star-formation in the colour-magnitude - Giorgio MANZONI   (Conference room)
14:36 Mapping the dark matter of a lenticular galaxy NGC 2974 - Meng YANG   (Conference room)
14:42 The nature of the brightest submillimetre galaxies in the UDS field - Jack BIRKIN   (Conference room)
14:48 X-ray scaling relations in cosmological scale simulations - Dylan ROBSON   (Conference room)
14:54 The nature and evolution of distant SC4K Lyman-alpha emitters from z~6 to z~2 - Sergio SANTOS   (Conference room)
15:00 --- Tea and Coffee ---
Galaxy Formation and Evolution/New Methods I (until 16:30) (Conference room)
15:30 Baryon-induced dark matter cores in the EAGLE simulations - Alejandro BENITEZ-LLAMBAY   (Conference room)
15:45 Modelling fluorescent H-alpha emission from 'dark' halos - Calvin SYKES   (Conference room)
16:00 FortesFit: Flexible SED fitting with a Bayesian backbone - David ROSARIO   (Conference room)
16:15 A low frequency view to the local radio AGN population: The most massive galaxies are always switched on - Jose SABATER MONTES   (Conference room)
Galaxy Formation and Evolution/New Methods II (until 16:54) (Conference room)
16:30 Development of a mock galaxy catalogue for DESI survey validation - Sasha SAFONOVA   (Conference room)
16:36 Synthetic galaxies with chained deep learning models - Ben MOEWS   (Conference room)
16:42 Dynamical modelling in the cosmic web - Chris DUCKWORTH   (Conference room)
16:48 Modelling the Vast, Expanding Emptiness of the Cosmic Web - Vasiliy DEMCHENKO   (Conference room)
19:00 --- Dinner ---
Cosmology II (until 12:30) (Conference room)
12:00 Emulating beyond $\Lambda$CDM in a model-independent way - Benjamin GIBLIN   (Conference room)
12:06 GPU-accelerated radiation hydrodynamics simulations - Gennaro DI PIETRO   (Conference room)
12:12 Inter-Lagrangian Transfer: New Insights on Feedback from the SIMBA Simulations - Joshua BORROW   (Conference room)
12:18 A trajectories approach to gravity - Fran LANE   (Conference room)
12:24 Constraints on the mass of the thermal relic warm dark matter particle - Oliver NEWTON   (Conference room)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Cosmology/AGN & Black Hole I (until 14:30) (Conference room)
13:30 Measuring the ISW effect in the cross-correlation of Planck with VST ATLAS LRGs - Behzad ANSARINEJAD   (Conference room)
13:45 Indications of modified gravity through strong lensed supernovae type Ia - Christoph BECKER   (Conference room)
14:00 Statistical synergy between LSST and Euclid - Robert SCHUHMANN   (Conference room)
14:15 Clustering analysis with SDSS-IV eBOSS quasars - Pauline ZARROUK   (Conference room)
Cosmology/AGN & Black Hole II (until 15:00) (Conference room)
14:30 Gravitational Interactions as Contributors to Supermassive Black Hole Growth - Jessica CRAIG   (Conference room)
14:36 Extended radio emission from AGN in a semi-analytic model - Andrew GRIFFIN   (Conference room)
14:42 Exploring the deeper radio properties of red quasars compared to typical quasars - Vicky FAWCETT   (Conference room)
14:48 Identifying Counterparts of Radio Galaxies in Ultra-Deep LOFAR Fields - Rohit KONDAPALLY   (Conference room)
14:54 The VST ATLAS Quasar Catalogue - Alice ELTVEDT   (Conference room)
15:00 --- Tea and coffee ---
AGN & Black Hole (until 16:45) (Conference room)
15:30 The Big Dipper: Results from spectroscopic monitoring of a hypervariable AGN - Daniel KYNOCH   (Conference room)
15:45 Observing Cold Accretion onto Supermassive Black Holes - Tom ROSE   (Conference room)
16:00 On the X-ray activity of typical and luminous Ly-alpha emitters from z~2 to z~6 - Joao CALHAU   (Conference room)
16:15 Seeing AGN feedback in action with KMOS, SINFONI and ALMA - Jan SCHOLTZ   (Conference room)
16:30 The possible discovery of a new ultraluminous X-ray pulsar - Rajath SATHYAPRAKASH   (Conference room)
16:45 Prizes for Best PhD Talks   (Conference room)
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