10-14 July 2017
Higgs Centre, The University of Edinburgh
Europe/London timezone

During the last few years the analytic study of scattering amplitudes has flourished due to a vivid interaction between high-energy physics and mathematics. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together leading experts working on novel methods for scattering amplitudes in perturbative gauge theory, gravity theories and string theory, reaching from formal developments to phenomenological applications. The meeting will combine several review presentations with shorter talks to discuss promising developments in this quickly evolving field. We hope that this will help forging new ideas and further boost the field. The topics include:

  • Mathematical structure of scattering amplitudes
  • Integrals and integrands of perturbative quantum field theories
  • Scattering amplitudes in (super)gravity and their ultraviolet behaviour
  • Gauge/gravity dualities, AdS/CFT integrability, Wilson loops and strong-coupling results
  • The long-distance singularity structure of gauge-theory amplitudes
  • String amplitudes and their implications for field theory
  • Developments related to the analytic S-matrix approach

Invited speakers

  • Samuel Abreu
  • Luise Adams
  • Nima Arkani-Hamed
  • Andreas Brandhuber
  • Francis Brown
  • Dmitry Chicherin
  • Livia Ferro
  • Walter Goldberger
  • Humberto Gomez
  • Song He
  • Johannes Henn
  • Enrico Herrmann
  • Roman Lee
  • Bernhard Mistlberger
  • Stephen Naculich
  • Georgios Papathanasiou
  • Miguel Paulos
  • Tiziano Peraro
  • Radu Roiban
  • Oliver Schlotterer
  • Andrew Strominger
  • Lorenzo Tancredi
  • Piotr Tourkine
  • Andreas von Manteuffel
  • Leonardo Vernazza
  • Anastasia Volovich
  • Gang Yang

The conference will be proceeded by a Summer School on advanced topics in scattering amplitudes, aimed primarily at PhD students working in the field. More senior participants are welcome to register as well!

Amplitudes Conference Series

This event is the continuation of a sequence of conferences started in 2009.

International Advisory Committee

  • Ruth Britto (Dublin)
  • Lance Dixon (SLAC)
  • Gregory Korchemsky (Saclay)
  • Lorenzo Magnea (Torino)
  • Stefan Weinzierl (Mainz)

Local Organisers

  • Simon Badger (IPPP, Durham)
  • Claude Duhr (CERN)
  • Einan Gardi (Edinburgh)
  • Nigel Glover (IPPP, Durham)
  • Donal O'Connell (Edinburgh)




Starts 10 Jul 2017 08:00
Ends 14 Jul 2017 18:00
Higgs Centre, The University of Edinburgh
Appleton Tower, 11 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9LE